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‘Queer Gear’

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In the twenty years since New Spitalfields moved to its new site in the East End of London, the market has changed beyond recognition. People from all over the world come to London looking for a better life, and many find work selling fruit and veg in New Spitalfields. The market prides itself on selling every kind of fruit and veg under the sun. As one trader comments: ‘It used to be called queer gear, but now it’s just everyday produce’.

Available since: Fri 1 Jun 2012


Exotic Fruit Expert
New Spitalfields Stall Holder
New Spitalfields Stall Holder

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The London Markets The Fruit 'n' Veg Market: Inside New Spitalfields

3/3 Exploring how immigration has brought new people to New Spitalfields market.

First broadcast: 07 Jun 2012

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