Libya and Croatia

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In the footsteps of a teenage 'martyr'

Libya's war is only recently over - and there is still chaos in some areas, with militias roaming unchecked. Alongside this, a new normality, free from the constant control of Colonel Gaddafi, is emerging too. It's safe to queue for bread, to go to school, to drink a coffee out in the open.

Yet even something as everday as a walk downtown is strewn with reminders of what liberation has cost. Saleyha Ahsan is in Tripoli, and was moved to find out more about a face in the crowd which seemed to be following her around.

Shows of hostility

Conflict engulfed Croatia more than 20 years ago, in the violence that resulted when the former Yugoslavia split apart. The country's been at peace for years, and seems to be growing more prosperous, too. But how to commemmorate such bitter - and such recent - fighting? Mick Webb has been to Zagreb, where he visited the city's museums and pondered how Croatia is telling the story of its recent past.

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