Good Cop

Good Cop

A dutiful Liverpool beat cop discovers what he is truly capable of after his partner is brutally murdered in a targeted attack by a local gang.

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Why Tricky's Armies was the perfect title music

Why Tricky's Armies was the perfect title music

Producer Rebecca Hodgson: "We always felt we were making something special with Good Cop. It was difficult to imagine how we could match that with our title sequence. In the end the visuals and the music came together at the same time.

Title designers Momoco devised the pictures, with the brief of the lone man in the busy city, and we began the search for a track that could go with them. Our music supervisor Iain Cooke gave us a variety of suggestions, but when I sat with our executive producer Jessica Pope and first listened to Armies, we were immediately sold. The music has a cool, urban and modern feel. The lyrics are poetic, open to different and personal interpretation. But for us, they talked about the pain and pleasure of owning a gun and the terrifying immediacy of killing someone. The song doesn't glorify violence. It is emotional but with a very contemporary feel."

Video interview: Warren Brown

Video interview: Warren Brown

Warren talks about his experience going out with the police force.