Revelation of the Daleks

Revelation of the Daleks

On the planet Necros, Davros is turning humans into Daleks. The Doctor must deal with assassins, morticians and two factions of Daleks to stop Davros's latest insane scheme.

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Programme Documents

Programme Documents
Much of the original paperwork for the production of Doctor Who survives. This includes the Programme as Broadcast documents (PasBs) that detail information ranging from running orders to cast lists and music.

The surviving PasBs were working documents and are not preserved in a pristine condition. So, expect hand-written notes scrawled across the paperwork and similar indications of authenticity. We think they provide a fascinating insight into the history of Doctor Who and we hope you agree… Enjoy!

TARDIS Index Files

TARDIS Index Files: Davros

Find out what the TARDIS has on file about Davros.

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Making Who

Freefalling without a harness

Learn about making TV through the world of Doctor Who…

Meet Pearl Mackie

Meet Pearl Mackie

Pearl Mackie gives her first ever interview as the Doctor's new companion.

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