Weekend Edition 26/05/2012

Pascale Harter introduces insight, wit and analysis from BBC correspondents, journalists and writers from around the world. In this edition:

Laura Trevelyan takes a nervous drive through a Mexican town that's a hub of international sex trafficking;

Jonathan Head explains why Turkey's now asking: do we need the EU, or does it need us more?

Ray Kershaw finds Argentines are beginning to see their weekly grocery shop as 'a lottery you can't win';

Mary Harper takes a spin in a Somali businessman's blingy Bentley through the glittering streets of Dubai;

David Belton meets the Amish communities refusing to abide by the New York state construction code - no 'devils on the wall' for them;

and Fuchsia Dunlop gets an unexpected lesson in China's Yunnan province - on how to make cheese, or 'milk cake' as it's known locally.

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