Ray relives former glories.

Ray Reardon was a master of the snooker arena. He knew how to get the crowd on his side and how to draw attention to himself. The moment he arrives at The Welsh Open in Newport, you can see his relish for the big stage. / The first thing he does is check the table and see which pockets will receive the ball most easily. "It's a tiny difference but it's crucial". Listening to him, you realise just how much craft went into his success. / Then Ray takes in the camera positions. Showmanship was part of his success. Even when he gave a glass of water to a spectator with a coughing fit, he was still using it to give him an advantage in the battle on the table.

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3 minutes


Role Contributor
DirectorMike Harrison
ProducerPhil George
Key talentRay Reardon

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