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Who'll be judging your stories?

Who'll be judging your stories?
Get to know our panel of Judges for 2014 featuring:

Richard Hammond
Francesca Simon
Malorie Blackman
Charlie Higson
Frank Cottrell Boyce

What are the prizes?

What are the prizes?
As well as the chance of having their stories read by super famous celebrity readers at our grand final, the 500 WORDS 2014 prize winners will pick up a serious stack of books for their schools.

500 WORDS 2014 Prizes

Analysing Your Words

Analysing Your Words
We teamed up with the Children's Dictionary and Language team at Oxford University Press to analyse the words used in 500 WORDS 2013 submissions. We discovered..

The most commonly used word was 'mum'
The longest word was *deep breath* hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian!

Discover many more fascinating insights and download a summary of the findings

Catch-up with the best 500 WORDS stories, so far....

500 Words - OTHER - Worm in A Book

Read, listen to, or download the top stories from previous years.

Need Inspiration?

Need Inspiration?

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