Germany and India (Gujarat)

Pascale Harter introduces insight, wit and analysis from BBC correspondents around the world. In this edition:

Pirates in politics

Stephen Evans begins the programme in Germany, where Angela Merkel's party scraped by at state election at the weekend with its worst result since 1950. This northernmost state of Schleswig-Holstein is a barometer for the nation, and it has thrown up a bit of a surprise. A fringe party hitherto content to rock the boat of mainstream politics, is now going to have to help steer the ship.

But has the Pirate Party got enough policies? What is its vision of so-called 'liquid democracy' anyway? And why did its conference feature skulls and security warnings, as well as extravagant outfits?

What Gandhi would have wanted?

From Germany's 'liquid democracy' to Gujarat's liquid refreshment - or lack of it. Despite being home to a large number of enthusiastic drinkers, the Indian state of Gujarat is officially 'dry' - it bans alcohol. Our correspondent Rahul Tandon tried to find out how far the public really support prohibition - and was soon intrigued by how quickly every line of argument referred back to Gandhi.

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