Uzbekistan, Bosnia, Somalia, Mozambique, Togo and Vietnam

Pascale Harter presents stories from Uzbekistan, Bosnia, Somalia, Mozambique, Togo and Vietnam.

Uzbekistan has been described as one of the world’s most repressive regimes. Natalia Antelava had difficulties entering the country to report, and went in pursuit of those who have left.

Allan Little returns to Sarajevo where he was based 20 years ago to cover the war in Bosnia.

Life is returning to the streets of Mogadishu according to Justin Marozzi, now that the government and African Union troops have stopped the fighting there.

A group of islands in Mozambique could have their tranquillity disturbed as gas exploration is underway. Antonia Quirke reports.

Twins are very important to communities in Togo as Jonathan Fryer finds out.

The Vietnamese economy might be growing, but Duncan Forgan discovers that many people still cling to traditional superstitions.

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