Life Online is a new permanent gallery dedicated to charting the evolution and history of the internet and worldwide web. Click hears from Vint Cerf an enthusiast for the project and Gareth Mitchell also talks to the curator of new media, Tom Woolley, at National Media Museum in Bradford, northern England.

The brown kiwi appears to be thriving. Keeping tracks on the kiwi is an expensive and time-consuming process but technology offers a simpler and easier route. The presence of the kiwis is being monitored by and recorded by a small remote digital recorder in the forest. These remote sensors, then, are providing powerful information on the size and distribution of this new kiwi population. For Click, Simon Morton went to meet Susan Ellis one of the volunteers with the Rimutaka Forest Park Trust.

Brownstone, Redbrick, Ivy League are a few of the names sometimes associated with different types of universities. But increasingly there is a new kid on the block with a new title: the peer-to-peer internet university. Peer-to-peer is a form of higher education that is exploiting the benefits of the internet to bring students to university who might otherwise miss out. Click talks to Peer 2 Peer University co-founder and director Philipp Schmidt.

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