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The Human Race: Global Body - Sydney

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Monday 02 April 2012

In the last of the Global Body series, Lynne Malcolm is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the future of the health of the human body.

Lynne is joined by, Tony McMichael – Professor of Population Health at the Australian National University in Canberra; Professor Maxine Whittaker, form the Australian centre for International and Tropical Health at the University of Queensland and Professor Robyn Norton, Director of the George Institute and Professor of public health at the University of Sydney and Professor of Global Health and James Martin Professorial Fellow, University of Oxford.

(Image: Computer artwork of the blood circulation system in a human figure. Credit: Science Photo Library)

  • Professor Maxine Whittaker

    Professor Maxine Whittaker

  • Professor Tony McMichael

    Professor Tony McMichael

  • Professor Robyn Norton

    Professor Robyn Norton

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