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Giota Níos Mó (10)

Duration: 13:10

Have a look at some of the key phrases in Episode 10 and try them out in your own time.

Ithim torthaí. - I eat fruit.
Ní ithim seacláid. - I don’t eat chocolate.
Ithim glasraí ach ní ithim milseáin. - I eat vegetables but I don’t eat sweets.
Ólaim uisce ach ní ólaim caife. - I drink water but I don’t drink coffee.
Éistim le ceol ach ní éistim leis an nuacht. - I listen to music but I don’t listen to the news.
Amharcaim ar an teilifís ach ní amharcaim ar an nuacht - I watch television but I don’t watch the news.
Éirím go luath ar an Satharn ach ní éirím go luath ar an Domhnach. - I get up early on Saturday but I don’t get up early on Sunday.
Tuigim. - I understand.
Ní thuigim. - I don’t understand.

Tuigim ‘Slán’ ach ní thuigim ‘dochreidte’. - I understand ‘goodbye’ but I don’t understand ‘unbelievable’.
Tuigim ‘coirnéal’ ach ní thuigim ‘off-side’. - I understand ‘corner’ but I don’t understand ‘off-side’.
Tuigim Bríd ag caint Gaeilge ach ní thuigim Hiúdaí ag caint Gaeilge. - I understand Bríd speaking Irish but I don’t understand Hiúdaí speaking Irish.
Tuigim ‘Pythagoras’ ach ní thuigim ‘Trigonometry’. - I understand ‘Pythagoras’ but I don’t understand ‘Trigonometry’.

Ní thuigim. - I don’t understand.
Ní shiúlaim. - I don’t walk.
Ní cheannaím. - I don’t buy.
Ní shuím. - I don’t sit.

Seanfhocal Chlár 10:

Is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras. - Hunger is a great sauce.

Available since: Tue 20 Mar 2012

This clip is from

Blas Giota Níos Mó, Episode 10

Irish language learning series Giota Níos Mó, covering place names and another seanfhocal.

First broadcast: 20 Mar 2012

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