Pen-y-Bryn House: the home of Llewellyn the Last?

Local tradition has always identified Pen-y-Bryn House as Garth Celyn, the home of Llewellyn the Last. Householder Kathryn Gibson set out to find the link between Llewellyn the Last and Garth Celyn.

She needed the evidence behind the stories that had been handed down the generations for the past 700 years. Finally, in 2006, she made a breakthrough. It came from correspondence between Edward I and Llewellyn when conflict with England raged.

In 1282, Archbishop John Peckham had come here negotiating between Edward and Llewellyn. Letters passed back and forth. Kathryn went to Lambeth Palace archives and found Llewellyn had written the name Garth Celyn on one of the letters in a series exchanged October/November 1282.

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