The secret of German Success

It is not all doom and gloom in Euroland.

Some European economies are doing very well indeed, in particular Germany.

Germany may have trimmed its growth forecast for this year back to 1% but that follows two years when the economy grew at more than 3% - exceptional for a rich economy in recent years.

Unemployment fell to a 20 year low a few months ago, meanwhile exports have continued to grow - up over 10% last year.

Business Daily has sent the BBC's Correspondent in Berlin, Stephen Evans, out on a journey across Europe's biggest economy in search of the secret of German success.

So are there any lessons other countries can be learnt from Germany?

Justin Rowlatt interviews two keen observers of Europe.

Rebecca Harding is the CEO at the economic consultancy Delta Economics and a long time student of the German economy and Stefano Casertano is a Senior Fellow at the Brandenburg Institute for Society.

Of course Germany isn't the only country doing well. Lots of Asian nations are growing very rapidly, among them India and Indonesia.

But can growth last or will these two supposedly tiger economies be undermined by the growing weight of problems they face?

The BBC's Indonesia correspondent Karishma Vaswani has a unique perspective. She used to be the BBC's India Business and Mumbai Correspondent, and recently visited India again. And, for Business Daily she reflects on the challenges ahead for these two emerging nations.

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