Dr Jacob Bronowski

First transmitted in 1974, Michael Parkinson's guest is Dr Jacob Bronowski, the presenter and writer of the 1973 documentary series, The Ascent of Man. Dr Bronowski shares his first impressions on arriving in England in the 1920s, his memories of filming at Auschwitz, his thoughts on science and his broader philosophy of life, in a truly compelling interview.

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Sat 24 Jan 1976 23:25

BBC Four Talk Collection

BBC Four Talk Collection
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The interview was recorded in 1972 but only transmitted, in shortened form, because of the ‘three day week’ and the restriction on broadcasting hours at the time. Some six months later Dr Bronowski died. This version is the first time that interview was shown in its entirety and, as Michael Parkinson remarks, “there are many reasons for doing so. One is that what he has to say has as much relevance now as then, another that I believe it to be the testament of a rare human being and also because, although I haven’t got a favourite interview, I shall forever remember this meeting”.

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