Donkey Vanish with Pete and Arlene

Last week Pete triumphed with his amazing Las Vegas routine. This week he's taken to the beach in Weymouth with celebrity partner Arlene Phillips.

While the humble donkey may not be up there with graceful tigers, powerful elephants or even elegant doves, in the hands of choreography supremo Arlene, Trigger shows a clean pair of heels in this astonishing vanishing act.

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4 minutes


Role Contributor
PresenterDarren McMullen
PerformerBarry Jones
PerformerStuart MacLeod
PerformerPete Firman
ParticipantJohn Torode
ParticipantGregg Wallace
ParticipantArlene Phillips
ParticipantPhil Tufnell
Executive ProducerKaren Smith

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