Off the coast of Somalia and under the Caribbean Sea

Owen Bennett Jones presents stories from Frank Gardner off the coast of Somalia and Rebecca Morelle under the Atlantic.

Pirate hunting

A conference in London has been trying to get more international consensus on what to do about Somalia, a country with a minimally functioning government where the people have for decades been living impoverished, insecure lives. It’s something - but Somalis know all too well that stability is very elusive. The total collapse of societal norms has many manifestations – and Frank Gardner has been aboard a plane chasing some Somali pirates.

Under the deep blue sea

New explorers are building hi-tech submarines that can plunge down deeper than ever before. Our correspondent Rebecca Morelle has been riding one of the new inventions off the coast of the Bahamas.

(Image: A Somali pirate. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

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