Tattoo Street Magic with David Haye

The darkly magical Barry and Stuart take champion boxer David Haye out on the streets of London to test out their new invention - a psychic tattoo machine.

A passer by is asked to think of the name of someone very special to them. Barry and Stuart then try out their new tattooing method for the first time.

Will the tattoo reveal a hidden truth about our volunteer or has their psychic body art device gone a bit Haye-wire?

Release date:


3 minutes


Role Contributor
PresenterDarren McMullen
PerformerBarry Jones
PerformerStuart MacLeod
PerformerPete Firman
ParticipantKimberly Wyatt
ParticipantMel Giedroyc
ParticipantDavid Haye
Executive ProducerKaren Smith

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