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Tuesday 07 February 2012

Matthew Bannister talks to Kimberley Motley, the only western lawyer practising in the Afghan court system whose advocacy skills are in increasing demand by Afghans.

Also in the programme the five-foot-tall woman from Manipur who's a world champion boxer.

And we speak to the Indonesian women living forty kilometres apart in Sweden who've just discovered they're twin sisters.

  • Kimberley Motley: Making waves in Afghanistan's legal system

    Kimberley Motley: Making waves in Afghanistan's legal system

    A former American beauty queen who only left the US for the first time four years ago is perhaps an unlikely champion for change in the Afghan legal system

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  • London 2012: Olympic hopeful to remind India of its 'forgotten' state

    London 2012: Olympic hopeful to remind India of its 'forgotten' state

    "I always remember the story of David and Goliath. I always remember I am also small and Manipur is very small, but if I pray and if I do very hard work then I will win"

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  • London 2012 Homepage

    London 2012 Homepage

    Keep up to date with the latest BBC coverage of news and developments in the run-up to the 2012 Olympic Games

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