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Hajj: Journey to the heart of Islam
Lawrence Pollard visits London's British Museum as its first big exhibition of 2012 opens. How to tell the story of 1,600 years of religious pilgrimage and capture the extraordinary atmosphere it engenders?

And Australian artist Peter Gould and Malaysian novelist Tash Aw discuss the influence of arabic calligraphy across time and space.

Jaipur Literary Festival
We visit India's biggest literary festival and talk to Shehan Karunatilaka whose debut novel set in Cricket-mad Sri Lanka won the DSC Prize for DSC Prize for South Asian Literature.

Le Monde cartoonist Plantu
He's a legend in France and is to draw for Algeria Liberte newspaper. Can the man famed for soothing Franco-German relations, work his magic as Algeria in the midst of political reform.

Will You Dance For Me?
Israeli artist Ori Gersht's new exhibition has a remarkable performance at its heart. A woman triumphs over the terrible moment in Auschwitz that turned her into a dancer.

Amanda Hocking
Amanda Hocking is 27 years old, lives in Minnesota and had not sold a single book before 15 April 2010. She has now sold over one million ebooks. She talks about the self-publishing phenomenon and how it worked for her.

CD Box Sets
Classic albums are being rereleased with remixes, remastering, t-shirts, posters, stickers and just about every noise made in the studio, but are they just too much?

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