Who'll fund the IMF?

The International Monetary Fund says it wants an extra half a trillion dollars to stabilise the global economy. But who has that kind of money in these straitened times, and should rich Europe be claiming the lion's share? We hear from the IMF's former chief economist - now a Harvard professor - Ken Rogoff.

Meanwhile in Africa, our commentator Wycliff Muga reflects on the challenges facing those carrying the Aids virus in Kenya. They've been depending on US aid for their anti-retroviral drugs, which now cost as much as the entire annual Kenyan health budget. What will happen if and when the US decides it no longer wants to foot the bill?

And Britain's finance minister George Osborne is in Japan trying to build trade links and to learn more about Japan's experience of the so-called Lost Decade. But with Britain and Europe threatening to slide back into recession, the decade of mere stagnation that Japan has suffered might not seem like such a bad outcome. The BBC Economics editor Stephanie Flanders sends us a report.

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