Unexplored Planet

It's 100 years this month since Amundsen - and then Scott - first reached the South Pole.

It was one of the great achievements of the golden age of exploration - and it seemed that mankind would go on to reach every corner of the globe.

But despite another 100 years of exploration, there are still vast swathes of our planet which remain uncharted, unknown to the map makers, the geologists and the botanists.

So where's left to explore?

This week on One Planet we speak to three modern-day adventurers to discuss the parts of the world still unknown to science - and what will happen to us when we've been everywhere.

Polar explorer and broadcaster Paul Rose, marine biologist Katrin Linse and botanist Alex Monro join Richard Hollingham at London's Natural History Museum.

As ever, tune in, have a listen and let us know what you think.

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