Afghanistan and the UK

Owen Bennett Jones introduces personal stories, reflections and wit from BBC correspondents around the world. In this edition, Lyse Doucet is in Kabul, describing the changes she's seen there over the past ten years; Huw Williams contributes a vital element to one school's traditional Nativity play in Glasgow.

Memories and surprises of ten years in Kabul

Back in 2002, after all the years of civil war and Taliban rule, there was real hope in Afghanistan of better things to come. Some aspects of life have improved since- but not even the most on-message Nato military spokesman could claim that those early hopes have been fulfilled.

Lyse Doucet has been a regular visitor to Afghanistan and she's back there now. She wrote to us describing how the landcape of Kabul has changed, both physically and emotionally, over that time.

Searching for Jesus (in plastic form)

BBC correspondents can find themselves in all sorts of unlikely situations, in pursuit of a story. But they don't often find themselves having to locate and purchase a baby.

Still, that's what our man Huw Williams had to do in Scotland recently. Though as he explains, this wasn't an incident of child-trafficking but rather, a mission to help one Glasgow school celebrate Christmas in full traditional fashion.

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