Police Brutality and Election Rigging

Two opposing gangs of men fight each other on the steps of the polling station, they club and hit each other. George explains the case to Garrow: a gentleman was murdered on voting day outside the polling station.

Sir Arthur visits Garrow and warns him that if Lady Sarah has run off to France with Samuel, he will go after her and bring an end to the custody battle.

Garrow is in Sir Sampson Wright’s office at Bow Street Magistrates, Wright has been playing the violin. Garrow is angry with him, he accuses Wright of allowing an innocent man to hang for the murder on voting day.

Charles Fox watches proceedings from the public gallery at the Old Bailey. His supporters chant his name. He tells Garrow that he came to support him. In a dark alley, Garrow is beaten up, he tells Wright that he will not be threatened by violence.

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