Kirstie and Stuart's Wedding

Twenty-one year old bride to be Kirstie Mills is an extraordinary young woman. Born with the genetic condition Cystic Fibrosis she has had to fight all her life. For Kirstie it is extremely difficult to breathe and she relies on oxygen twenty four hours a day and endless pills and medications. In March 2011 she was put onto the transplant waiting list after her health dramatically declined and a lung transplant became her only option for survival. Kirstie was told that she had around six months to live and she had to make a decision to either sit and wait for a transplant call to come or to live her life. Only a few days before her wedding in June 2011, Kirstie’s lungs failed and she was rushed to her local hospital where they feared she wouldn't survive long enough to make it to her wedding. But Kirstie was so determined to marry fiance Stuart Tancock that she checked herself out of hospital and traveled to the venue on the morning of the wedding so she could finally be wed.

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