The $100bn Fundraiser

One of the few achievements of the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen two years ago was the announcement of the Green Climate Fund - a pledge to raise $100bn a year to help the most vulnerable countries adapt to climate change.

And as this year's conference in Durban comes to a close with the prospect of a binding treaty on emissions reduction seeming ever further out of reach, details on the Green Climate Fund will be one of the few signs of progress from the summit.

But ever since Copenhagen, arguments over terms and conditions have dogged efforts to get the fund off the ground.

There's been fierce debate over how the money should be raised, and how its proceeds are distributed - and whether it's enough to make a difference.

In the second of two programmes from the UN climate conference in Durban, One Planet investigates at the Green Climate Fund.

We speak to the World Bank's climate enjoy Andrew Steer, the UN's Achim Steiner and to the campaigners who say that the fund is simply reparations for the damage vulnerable countries will suffer through climate change. Is funding for climate change adaptation simply a question of climate justice?

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