How Kyoto Failed Africa

This week, One Planet comes from Durban in South Africa, where delegates from around the world have gathered for the 17th Conference of the Parties - the latest UN summit trying to find global agreement on how to tackle climate change.

But it's slow going - and even some of the projects agreed at previous summits are coming under fire.

One attempt to address the issue has been under way since the Kyoto protocol came into force - the Clean Development Mechanism - designed to push investment towards green projects in developing countries.

As Africa is the poorest continent on the planet, and is the region most vulnerable to climate change, the scheme should have proved a boon to Africa. It hasn't - of over 3,000 projects around the world, only 37 are in Africa.

This week, One Planet this week comes from the Mariannhill landfill site on the outskirts of Durban, one of many African sites trying to become part of the Clean Development Mechanism.

Mike Williams find out where the money is going, and meets those in Africa trying to get a greater share of the carbon credit bonanza.

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