Turkey and India

Owen Bennett Jones with wit and analysis from correspondents abroad. Kevin Connolly reflects on Turkey's itch to join the EU; Rahul Tandon tries to teach India's new generation - of spoiled brats.

Guard the camp, but don't enter the tent?

Turkey's relationship with Europe has for years been a tortuous business. The European press tends to present the issue as a competition between democratic and religious forces within Turkey itself. But from Turkey's point of view, the issue is really about fissures within the West, some EU members see Turkey as simply too different from Europe to join, while others want to embrace the country and its markets.

Kevin Connolly ponders 52 years of wrangling over the issue - and wonders why at this of all moments, Turks still seem to have an appetite for the Union.

Children should be seen but not spoilt

China and India are on the crest of a wave: self-confident, forward looking, excited and increasingly rich. But success brings new challenges. As many families in the West know all too well, children brought up with loads of money can tend to be feckless and arrogant.

Rahul Tandon had an unusual opportunity to see the phenomenon up close and personal in Calcutta, when he was asked in to fill in as a teacher for a day.

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