Hunks for Hire

Rab and Jamesie set up as sexy male cleaners for bored housewives, the first booking however doesn't quite go to plan.

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2 minutes


Role Contributor
Rab C NesbittGregor Fisher
Mary NesbittElaine C Smith
Jamesie CotterTony Roper
Ella CotterBarbara Rafferty
CamilleCora Bissett
Ms MartensLeann O'Kasi
Mrs CarrollMorag Stark
MickBarrie Hunter
ArthurRaymond Mearns
Marshall GormleyDavid McNiven
CarlyCarmen Pieraccini
BazJamie Duff
RamseyHugh Ross
JackieJames Martin
LesleySian Mannifield
HerselfSusan Boyle
DirectorColin Gilbert
ProducerColin Gilbert
Executive ProducerRab Christie
WriterIan Pattison

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