An MI5 sting operation threatens to unravel

Tension mounts when a suspect the Spooks team are investigating becomes suspicious of their involvement. The team must all work together to help Dimitri maintain his cover and in doing so the fabric of the entire operation. Everyone must play their part to convince the highly paranoid and dangerous suspect that Dimitri is who he says he is, making his involvemnet in this unnerving and potentially lethal endgame invaluable.

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2 minutes


Role Contributor
Harry PearcePeter Firth
Ruth EvershedNicola Walker
Dimitri LevendisMax Brown
Erin WattsLara Pulver
Calum ReedGeoffrey Streatfeild
Sasha GavrikTom Weston-Jones
Elena GavrikAlice Krige
Ilya GavrikJonathan Hyde
Home Secretary William TowersSimon Russell Beale
Jim CoaverWilliam Hope
Johnny GrierMel Raido
NatalieGeorgina Rich
Peter ReddonTim Woodward
City BoyLuke Neal
Naomi WilsonSharlene Whyte
DirectorJulian Holmes
ProducerChris Fry
WriterJonathan Brackley
WriterSam Vincent

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