Toni Warne


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Team Jessie
Age 34
Home town Great Yarmouth

Despite having sung in a gospel choir for years, Toni Warne lacked confidence. Throw in some superstar coaches and a huge live audience, and you’ve got a pretty daunting task on your hands…

There was a time when I thought I’d never sing again but now I’m back and ready to put myself out there…Toni

As a sufferer of Alopecia, Toni lost all her hair at 21, which shattered her self-belief and halted her pursuit of a record deal.

Despite the pressure, Toni's rousing performance of Will Young's ‘Leave Right Now’ had Jessie, Danny and Sir Tom spinning their chairs and all four coaches gushing with praise. After an emotional exchange, Toni picked a tearful Jessie to steer her throughout the competition.

So begins an exciting journey for Toni. It's been a long time coming, but it'll probably be a little more fun now with Jessie J in tow…

Toni Warne

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