Kate Read


Fact titleFact data
Team will.i.am
Age 19
Home town Lutterworth

Kate Read was put forward for The Voice UK by a friend, and it’s provided the opportunity she’s been waiting for.

Whatever the outcome, I now know that I want my future to be music.Kate

A dance student of many years, Kate has turned her focus to singing - the only problem being the price of singing lessons. But, as Jessie would put it, “it’s not about the money” - it’s all about the voice.

Kate sang ‘True Colours’ by Cyndi Lauper and both will.i.am and Sir Tom turned around. Over a touching moment where will.i.am identified with Kate’s source of inspiration (her mother), a bond was forged and Kate hopped onto his team.

Describing herself as a bit of a tomboy, Kate admits that she’s more likely to play football at weekends than go for a facial. It’s game on now – can she score on The Voice UK?

Kate Read

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