Indie and Pixie


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Team Jessie
Age 17 and 18
Home town Guildford

Whoever said good things come in threes were wrong. They come in twos. And in this case, it’s inseparable Guildford twosome, Indie and Pixie.

We’re all about girl power; we want to bring it back…Indie and Pixie

In their Blind Audition, the pop-tastic duo bagged a clean sweep of chair-turns with their performance of ‘Perfect’ by Pink. Their silky harmonies got all four coaches clambering to recruit them but it was Jessie J’s enthusiastic appeal that proved successful.

Now as members of Team Jessie, Indie and Pixie want to bring girl power to a new generation. In Guildford, the girls are students who do absolutely everything together. On The Voice UK, they hope their togetherness will take them all the way.

Indie and Pixie

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