Bo Bruce


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Team Danny
Age 27
Home town Wiltshire

Bo has been recording in New York and has already released an EP under her own label. Which begs the question, WHY ISN’T THIS GIRL ALREADY IN THE CHARTS? Allow The Voice UK to step in and give her a bunk up…

I think a lot of people expected me to have given up by now- but I'm not done yet.Bo

During her Blind Audition Bo turned Usher and David Guetta rave-a-thon ‘Without You’ on its head and gave it a chilled edge. Both and Danny gave her kudos for her re-interpretation and after a bout of bargaining, Bo chose to be on Danny’s team.

After some wayward teenage years, Bo feels she has come a long way, bringing her to a crossroads that will determine the rest of her musical career. Danny’s given her the green-light - this is just the start of an exciting journey.

Bo Bruce

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