Bill Downs


Fact titleFact data
Team Danny
Age 24
Home town Norwich

Bill has been looking for some direction in his life, hopping from a career in banking to running his own burger van, to caring for adults with disabilities. His next direction: centre stage.

I’ve never been able to stick to anything because all I really want is music.Bill

He has combated his stage fright and now he’s ready for the big stage. In the past he’s received encouragement from Ed Sheeran, who described a cover he’d done as ‘sick’ (in a good way, thankfully).

He sang Plan B’s ‘She Said’ and impressed Danny so much with his falsetto that he turned his chair around and invited him onto his team.

He’s nailed the high notes and we have a feeling there’ll be a few more highs throughout the rest of his journey on The Voice UK.

Bill Downs

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