How To Save The Euro

Today we hear about a radical solution to the crisis in the eurozone, we ask whether the commericalisation of baby hood is going too far and a leading economics professor is the latest guest to raise a very fundamental question - has western capitalism failed?

The 440bn euros behind the eurozone's rescue fund - the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) - was originally reckoned to be enough to shock the financial markets into submission.

Not any more. Now some officials believe the fund needs more like four trillion euros to provide the liquidity the eurozone members need.

But where to find that kind of cash? Daniel Gros of the Centre for European Policy Studies believes he may have a solution. He suggests the EFSF be converted into a bank. But Europe already has one of those - the European Central Bank. Justin Rowlatt asks Daniel Gros why he thinks the continent needs another.

And we have a fascinating report from the BBC's Nessa Tierney on how businesses now target new customers right from the moment of birth.

Plus: three years since the Lehman Brothers collapse pitched the world into financial chaos Business Daily has been asking influential thinkers from around the world for their views on the model that underpins the world economy: we've been asking whether western capitalism has failed. Today, Indian-born British economist Lord Desai.

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