Libya and Estonia

Alan Johnston introduces personal insight and reflection from correspondents around the world. In this edition:

Underground reporting from Libya

Telling the story of the last months of Colonel Gaddafi's regime was hard. Foreign correspondents in Tripoli operated under difficult, menacing conditions. But with great courage, Rana Jawad assumed another identity and went underground for BBC News Online. She managed to file accounts of everday life for three months. Here she tells the story of how - and why - she did it.

Unexpected, ramshackle, accepting: a night on the tiles in Tallinn

Since its 'singing revolution' in the early 1990s, Estonia has been one of the fastest-moving of the former Soviet republics. It's streaked ahead economically and technologically; it's considered one of the most democratic countries in the region, and it's also attracted more than its fair share of often-drunken visitors from abroad. Sarah Sheridan gets to grips with the more unvarnished side of Estonia's charm while visiting its capital.

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