Israel and Venezuela

Dan Damon introduces personal reflections and analysis from BBC correspondents around the world. In this edition, Wyre Davies asks what has sparked a new sort of protest on the streets of Israel and Sarah Grainger describes the full range of Venezuelans' responses to news that President Chavez has cancer.

The cost of living - and the price of cottage cheese

Israel used to pride itself on the strength of its social fabric, and the sense that no Israeli was left behind. The country was founded on principles of self-reliance and Jewish solidarity. But rising prices, falling welfare support payments and a sense of increasing social divisions have left many of its citizens despairing of their elected government, and now some have taken to the streets in protest.

They are of all ages and come from many different backgrounds, but they are united in their sense of disillusionment. Wyre Davies been talking to some of them.

Cancer, concern and controversy in Caracas

President Hugo Chavez inspires intense adoration amongst some Venezuelans and visceral loathing in others. And his recent health scare has only made that divide seem even sharper. He recently admitted he had cancer and appeared on TV with his head nearly shaved because his some of his hair fell out after treatment. He's also been criticised for relying on treatment in Cuba, a favourite ally, rather than relying on care in his own country.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, el Presidente's state of health has become the latest issue to divide Venezuela, as Sarah Grainger has been finding out.

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