The Story of the Hunt for Bin Laden

BBC Security correspondent Gordon Corera tells the untold tale of how the Americans hunted their most wanted man - from the caves of Tora Bora in Afghanistan through to his stronghold in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad.

It proved to be a cat and mouse game between the world's greatest superpower and a relatively small group of militants who showed themselves capable of outwitting the latest technology with barely more than simple cunning and a Kalashnikov.

US Special forces appear to have had Osama Bin Laden within their grasp but then the trail went cold despite a $25m ransom on his head.

Bounty hunters believed they could succeed where the American military failed but fared no better.

Then one of Bin Laden's followers made a fatal mistake - which led the way to Bin Laden's death.

Gordon Corera investigates, with contributions from members of the CIA who followed Bin Laden into the mountains, FBI agents who worked on a legal case, and from General Richard Myers, the former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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