Israel and Bolivia

Alan Johnston presents stories behind the headlines from BBC correspondents posted around the world. In this edition: Yolande Knell finds that in Jerusalem, even the road signs can be a cause of controversy between Israelis and Palestinians, while Mattia Cabitza tunes in to worries among Bolivian journalists that their freedom to report is being eroded.

What's in a name? History, culture, identity...

For generations, the struggle for control over land and power in Israel has been waged on all sorts of fronts. Armed conflict has only been part of the story. The Israeli and Palestinian sides have also fought diplomatic battles, and confronted each other across religious and ideological divides.

Now, there is friction over yet another issue, which might seem minor, but is still deeply significant. As Yolanda Knell explains, there's an ongoing dispute over place names in Jerusalem….

The President and the press

In Bolivia, the air is thick with electronic media signals. There are several hundred radio stations, and dozens of TV channels. The vast majority have been privately-run. But now the government's moved to exert much more state control over the airwaves.

Mattia Cabitza says this is just the latest in a series of steps that have worried Bolivia's journalists, and others who appreciate the importance of a free press.

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