The Nature of Frontiers

Frontiers returns for a new series this week and celebrates its 100th edition with a look at just what makes a true scientific frontier.

Over the years Frontiers has questioned, challenged and explored some of the most cutting edge science, and cutting edge scientists working on everything from stem cells, gene therapy and the race to stop avian flu in it's tracks, to the birth of the universe, the mysterious god particle, and the Grand Theory of Everything.

In a special programme, Peter Evans explores how scientific frontiers are born, and the scientists who create them. He'll be talking to some of the leading researchers who themselves have pushed science to its limits in a bid to answer some of the greatest scientific mysteries of all times.

any of these unsolved questions are as old as humans themselves: what is the universe made of, where and how did life begin, and are we alone in the universe?

Other Frontiers have come from a chance discovery, or new technology allowing us to see the world in different ways. The 20th Century was arguably the century of Physics. Is the 21st Century the century of Biology? How and why do these changes in emphasis take place? Peter Evans explores the nature of a frontier, with the frontier makers themselves, in the first of this new series.

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Wed 9 Nov 2005 21:00

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