China luxury goods

China's government is desperate to grow its own domestic brands of goods that can compete with the big global players.

That was one of the chief messages from China's twelfth five-year plan. Who will win the battle for the hearts and wallets of the well-heeled Chinese consumer?

Will it be the swanky western brands, or China's own products?

Lesley Curwen speaks to Alison Mary Ching Yeung, the creator of Mary Ching shoes who's been called the Jimmy Choo of China.

Plus what kind of demand is there for luxury western brands in China?

Lesley asks Guy Salter, deputy chairman of Walpole, who has worked at European luxury brands such as Garrard the jewellers and champagne producer Laurent-Perrier.

And Joseph Wan, chief executive of Harvey Nicolas, the luxury department store group with stores in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey and Hong Kong, says it's too expensive for most shoppers to buy western goods.

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