The battle over Welsh wind farms

The UK Government has unveiled its latest roadmap to renewable energy, setting a target of 15% by 2020. Some nations have been more ambitious, others haven't set a specific target at all - but it you want to switch to clean green energy, you can expect challenges - financial, technological and political. Some challenges will be local, and we explore these in this week's One Planet.

Mike heads to central Wales - a place of hills and valleys, and also of wind farms. Hundreds of turbines can be found across Wales, with many others are planned. But opposition from locals is strong. It's no surprise - recent research by the law firm McGrigors found almost half of all applications to build wind farms in England and Wales were rejected last year.

Travelling through Wales, Mike meets the residents fighting to stop the march of the turbines, and interviews Welsh environment minister John Griffiths who must overcome local opposition to implement national goals for a low carbon economy. We also hear from Morocco, another country rapidly expanding it's onshore wind power, but with far less opposition to overcome.

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