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The Reith Lectures, Geoffrey Hosking: The Rediscovery of Politics: 1988 Episode guide

  1. The Paradox of Gorbachev's Reforms

    6/6 Professor Geoffrey Hosking analyses how democracy can evolve after a totalitarian regime.

    First broadcast: 13 Dec 1988

  2. Religion and the Atheist State

    5/6 Professor Geoffrey Hosking analyses the d├ętente between the Soviet state and the Church.

    First broadcast: 06 Dec 1988

  3. The Flawed Melting Pot

    4/6 Professor Geoffrey Hosking discusses the national aspirations of the Soviet peoples.

    First broadcast: 29 Nov 1988

  4. A Civil Society In Embryo

    3/6 Professor Geoffrey Hosking investigates the embryonic state of a civil Soviet society.

    First broadcast: 22 Nov 1988

  5. The Return Of The Repressed

    2/6 Professor Geoffrey Hosking investigates the communal amnesia found in Soviet society.

    First broadcast: 15 Nov 1988

  6. A Great Power in Crisis

    1/6 Professor Geoffrey Hosking analyses how a 'glasnost' affects the Soviet economy.

    First broadcast: 08 Nov 1988

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