On this week’s Forum, we ask how far are we shaped by what we eat?

Many of us are taller than our grandparents, and many of them were taller than theirs. In fact in the last 300 years, the human race has grown faster than at any time in history. But surely it can’t go on ad infinitum? So what drives our body growth and what might stop it? Social historian Professor Bernard Harris explores the implications of our changing body shape.

US geneticist professor Ross Hardison tells us about his research into nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA. He explains how a few small tweaks in our nucelotides can add up to the difference between health and disease.

And the celebrated Israeli born dancer and choreographer – Jasmin Vardimon explores how our psyche expresses itself in the body.

Illustration by Emily Kasriel: Junk DNA is revealed as important in creating taller dancers, baring their souls and trauma through their body.

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