The Story So Far

Catch up with what has been happening over the previous two episodes of 'Rock and Chips'; Del received some valuable advice from Alberto, which has seen him go through several engagements, but he is still looking for that special girl.

After a chance meeting in the cafe, Fred and Joan re-kindle old passions and Fred finally gets to meet Rodney. But casting a shadow over their happiness D. I. Thomas is still on Fred's tail looking for the culprit of the Margate jewellery heist.

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2 minutes


Role Contributor
Freddie RobdalNicholas Lyndhurst
Joan TrotterKellie Bright
Ted TrotterPhil Daniels
Reg TrotterShaun Dingwall
Del TrotterJames Buckley
Vi TrotterPaula Wilcox
DI ThomasMel Smith
DC StantonTom Brooke
Ernie RaynerRobert Daws
BoycieStephen Lloyd
TriggerLewis Osborne
DenzilAshley Gerlach
Jumbo MillsLee Long
Albie LittlewoodJonathan Readwin
Gerald 'Jelly' KellyPaul Putner
Reenie TurpinEmma Cooke
RaymondBilly Seymour
DonBobby Bragg
GwenJoan Hodges
Barbara BirdJessica Ashworth
RoseDenise Mack
AlbertoDaniel Cerqueira
DirectorDewi Humphreys
ProducerGareth Gwenlan
WriterJohn Sullivan

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