Radio 2 Parenting Week - New Baby Advice with Jeremy Vine

The Jeremy Vine Show turns its attention to parenthood this week, with Radio 2's Guide to Parenting. It's often called the most important job in the world, but becoming a parent requires no application form, no interview, no training and no appraisal. So how can you be certain you're any good at it?

The discussion begins today, with a look at that very first day at home with your baby, and finishes on Friday, with the heartbreaking - or perhaps joyful - moment your child moves out or leaves for college.

Through the week, we'll also be asking: who creates troublesome teenagers, the teens themselves or bad parents? Is there anything wrong with so-called ''broken families''? Can a divorce help to bring people closer together? And who make better parents, strict or liberal mums and dads?

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