Airports and business

Thirty years ago catching a jet plane was the height of luxury - something only the very rich could do. Now it is commonplace and the forecasts suggest it will become even more so.

Passenger numbers are expected to double in the next fifteen years. But the boom in air travel is creating a huge pollution problem. Aviation generates nearly as much carbon dioxide annually as all human activities in Africa.

Now some governments are responding. Britain, for example, recently rejected plans for a third runway at the country's biggest airport, Heathrow. But what effect is that likely to have on business in Britain? Can countries compete in international markets without expanding their airports? Justin Rowlatt speaks to John Stewart a trustee of the Campaign for Better Transport and Adam Marshall the director of Policy at the British Chamber of Commerce.

We also look at the business of royal nuptials. What is it about a royal wedding that gets people so excited?

The impending marriage of Britain's Prince William to Kate Middleton has generated vast interest around the world. The German's are particularly captivated and Prince William has made one man in China very happy. The couple's engagement and the publicity surrounding it has helped him turn a healthy profit on his jewellery business.

He's a trader in Yiwu, a town in eastern China and the BBC's China correspondent Chris Hogg went along to meet him.

Plus: the Cricket World Cup may be over but don't think you have escaped Indian cricket. On Friday the Indian Premier League or IPL begins and in the world's most cricket-crazy nation it is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to get their product in front of millions of viewers.

Broadcasters sold most of their IPL advertising slots in advance but they hold back about 5% to sell at the last moment. The World Cup attracted record rates, but the BBC's Mark Tully explains there are some signs that viewers are wilting under the barrage of advertisements.

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