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  1. In My Mother's Image

    A photograph, a mother who died young and the desire to honour those we've loved and lost.

    First broadcast: 03 Mar 2013

  2. Tuning In

    From Marconi to Nellie Melba via an army hut in Essex, the story of early radio in Britain

    First broadcast: 09 Feb 2013

  3. Uzbek To My Roots

    A young Londoner traces her roots back to her family's homeland in Uzbekistan.

    First broadcast: 19 Jan 2013

  4. Johnny Cash and the Forgotten Prison Blues

    Johnny Cash became a passionate prison reformer. Why?

    First broadcast: 05 Jan 2013

  5. Vietnam's Rock 'n' Roll War

    Robin Denselow revisits sixties Saigon, to find out what happened when rock hit Vietnam.

    Image for Vietnam's Rock 'n' Roll War
  6. Reality Radio

    Phil Maguire attends the launch of Trinidads first prison radio station.

    First broadcast: 10 Nov 2012

  7. Michael Jackson: The Thrill Of Thriller

    The story of the singer's African heritage and legacy of 30 years of Thriller.

    First broadcast: 27 Oct 2012

  8. Don’t Log Off

    Alan Dein attempts to cross the world on a late-night excursion via Facebook and Skype.

    First broadcast: 13 Oct 2012

  9. African Perspective: Lipstick Evangelists

    What is it like to be a door-to-door Avon salesperson in South Africa?

    First broadcast: 06 Oct 2012

  10. Mexico Rising

    BBC correspondent Will Grant challenges stereotypes as he investigates Mexico's economy.

    First broadcast: 08 Sep 2012

  11. The Culture Of Gaming

    Aleks Krotoski examines how gaming is affecting our culture.

    Image for The Culture Of Gaming
  12. The People's Games: London 2012

    The Olympic Games through the sounds of the people involved.

    First broadcast: 12 Aug 2012

  13. Learning To Lose

    When Olympic athletes lose it can be devastating - should they be preparing for this?

    First broadcast: 29 Jul 2012

  14. No Greater Love

    A powerful memorial to the bravery of an ordinary man - Leigh Pitt.

    First broadcast: 21 Jul 2012

  15. The Business Of Personality

    Lucy Ash asks if personality tests are a journey of discovery.

    Image for The Business Of Personality
  16. Song By Song By London - Episode Two

    Robert Elms reflects on music from Noel Coward, Lily Allen, The Clash and The Kinks.

    First broadcast: 30 Jun 2012

  17. Song By Song By London - Episode One

    Robert Elms reflects on music from Professor Green, Suggs, Russ Henderson and David Bowie.

    First broadcast: 23 Jun 2012

  18. It's A Dog's Life

    Roland Buerk reports on Japan's doggy obsession and the demographic time-bomb behind it.

    First broadcast: 09 Jun 2012

  19. The Royal Visit

    People who have come face to face with Queen Elizabeth II share their experiences.

    Image for The Royal Visit
  20. Ziggy Changed My Life

    The 40th anniversary of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spider from Mars.

    First broadcast: 19 May 2012

  21. Sporting Chances

    Farayi Mungazi looks at the close links between sport and national identity.

    Image for Sporting Chances
  22. Soap Operas - Art Imitating Life

    Exploring the notion that soap operas shape societies in subtle but profound ways.

    Image for Soap Operas - Art Imitating Life
  23. Global Perspectives: Chatsworth - A Chance For Change

    The bitter taste of 'sugars' and the addicts' chance for change.

    First broadcast: 14 Apr 2012

  24. The Strange World of the People's Mujahedin

    The People's Mujahedin of Iran - terrorists, victims or Iranian government-in-waiting?

    First broadcast: 07 Apr 2012

  25. Neon Cowboy

    Writer Bart Bull explores the extraordinary story of the Neon Cowboy.

    First broadcast: 31 Mar 2012

  26. The Secret Policemen

    Secrecy for Catholic police officers in Northern Ireland can be a life or death situation.

    First broadcast: 24 Mar 2012

  27. The Bizarre and Influential World of Alice Cooper

    A profile of musician Alice Cooper - how has he shaped rock performance around the globe?

    First broadcast: 10 Mar 2012

  28. African Perspective: The Dream Home

    Meet the Kenyan woman who has opened her home to 49 orphaned children.

    First broadcast: 03 Mar 2012

  29. Life In Many Voices

    Experiences of patients and medical staff whose lives converge in a Jerusalem Eye Hospital

    First broadcast: 25 Feb 2012

  30. A Family Business

    Mair Bosworth looks at conflict between generations in a small family business in London.

    First broadcast: 19 Feb 2012

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