Journey's end

No one had any idea the grey whales would range so far during their feeding season, but fortunately Scar’s latest position is still within air range of Nome, and the film crew is going to set out in one of her transmission periods to try and find her. But, we only have that crucial one-hour time window, when her transmitter’s switched on, to make contact with Scar. Their plane finds some whales feeding, but is Scar among them? We’re about halfway through the period that the whales’ transmitters are switched on now and so far nothing… no bleeps. Time’s running out. They have seen so many whales - this place is absolutely hooting with them at the moment and they’re all feeding. And that’s all they’re gonna be doing until it’s time to go south yet again. Finally, outside the transmission period the crew spot a mother and calf. The mother has a big mark on her back - she could be Scar. The mothers’ work is almost done. By late October winter will return and the sea will freeze over. All the whales must escape south and begin their voyage back to the breeding lagoons in Mexico.

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